Some Frequently Asked Questions when importing a vehicle to NJ

Currently, we are able to import vehicles 1998 and older, in accordance with the '25 year rule'.
Vehicles manufactured in 1998, must be manufactured, down to the month, at least 25 years ago.

We require a $600 'retainer' fee to start the searching and import process.
Once established, we will work with you to find your dream vehicle and we will handle the administration, shipping, and import.
In a few months you'll be able to drive away with a NJ titled vehicle.

Generally speaking, if you order a vehicle from Japan, expect it to take around 3 months.
Between in-land shipping, boat scheduling, and importing through customs, the process can take quite some time.

If the vehicle is already in NJ, expect it to proceed just as fast as any other used car sale.

All reservation fees will be applied to the overall cost of the vehicle and are non-refundable.

Vehicles $20,000 and under: $2,000.
Vehicles $20,001 to $30,000: $3,000.
Vehicles $30,001 and over: Contact us.

Yes, you'll get a NJ titled, right hand drive vehicle.

If the vehicle is 1996 or newer, you're required to have a state inspection sticker.
The 1996 cutoff is related to when OBD-II became a standard in the United States.
However, OBD-II was not commonly used in Japan untill 2001.
The vehicle must be taken through a 'special inspection' location (and import documents faxed), however no 'real' inspection is completed.

Nope! What you see listed as the price is what you can expect to pay.
Less a reservation fee, if you're using that.

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